Venue and Facilities

The FINA Olympic Games Synchronised Swimming Qualification Tournament 2016 will be held at Parque Aquático Maria Lenk, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
The venue includes a 30m diving pool, a 50m competition pool and a 50m warm-up pool, (all outdoors), and will be open for competition and training during all the period.

Field of Play

Competition Pool

50m x 25m x 3m depth (The field of play for competition will contain 30m by 25m area and 3m-depth. The water temperature will be set in accordance with FINA Rules).

Warm-up Pool

50m x 25m x 3m depth, it will be available for warm-up and training.

Diving Pool

30m x 25m, it will be available only for training.


  • Physiotherapy and massage areas will be around the warm-up pool; Please, note that Organiser Committee will not provide physiotherapy beds and each team is responsible for providing its own;
  • Landrill area;
  • The vanity areas in the changing rooms;